Tenant Services

Grainger Appleyard’s specialist Residential department is on hand to assist you with any issues including:

  • Disrepair claims – in the event of a landlord’s failure to meet his obligations it may be possible to apply to court to force him/her to carry out any repairs and apply for compensation for any loss caused
  • Claims for possession of your rented property – if you are faced with this due to being in rent arrears or if the landlord requires his property for another purpose, for example, it’s important that you seek advice quickly.  Grainger Appleyard can assess the strength of the claim for possession and advise on any arguable defence.  It is not always possible to successfully defend a claim for possession but it may be possible to delay it in appropriate circumstances
  • Unlawful eviction – if your landlord fails to follow the correct procedure, we may be able to help you make an application to court for an injunction allowing you to re-enter the property or apply for compensation
  • Tenancy Deposit Disputes - A landlord must protect your deposit in a government approved protection scheme.  Any failure in this could lead to serious penalties for your landlord. It may also be that there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy as to deductions from the deposit
  • Transfer of Joint Tenancies - Following relationship breakdown, the name of a joint tenant cannot be taken off the tenancy by simply notifying your landlord of the change.  We can arrange a formal transfer, which in appropriate circumstances may be ordered by the court on your application

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