At Grainger Appleyard, we will advise you on your particular situation, giving you guidance at the outset as to the strength and merits of pursuing your case.  We will also give a clear estimate of our likely costs and keep you regularly updated with regards to all aspects of your claim.

Common areas of dispute include: breach of contract, negligence claims and boundary disputes and mortgage repossession. Estate disputes and probate claims can also arise frequently. 


Parties who are in conflict with each other are encouraged to pursue negotiation or mediation.  This may take the form of:

  • Written negotiations
  • Informal meeting between the parties and their lawyers
  • Formal mediation which is presided over by an accredited mediator

This will usually save a huge amount of money and is the best way to retain some good will between the parties. 

Court Action

In some situations conciliation is simply not possible and court action becomes necessary.  Any party considering court proceedings should do so very carefully as often litigation will prove expensive.  The normal rule is that a ‘winning’ party will have its legal costs paid by the ‘losing’ party.  However, a court has wide discretion when awarding costs.  There can as such be no guarantees when it comes to costs.

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