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Welcome to Grainger Appleyard

Founded in 1986.  The firm operates from our offices in Doncaster and Tickhill and provides clients with a range of legal services.  The firm works hard to maintain a reputation for being approachable and reliable.   We provide clients throughout South Yorkshire and beyond with high quality legal support.

We understand concerns over legal costs and will always advise you on the most cost effective way of funding your case. We offer various arrangements such as:

Private Funding

This is where you fund part or all of the case privately yourself and are liable for your solicitor’s fees, irrespective of the outcome of your case. We offer reasonable hourly rates that continue to be seen by our clients as highly competitive.

No win – no fee agreements

This means if you lose your case, you do not pay our fees. If you win, your legal fees are based on a percentage of the damages awarded to you. With this No Win - No Fee type agreement, you do not have to pay any fees up-front to take your case to a court or tribunal.

Legal expenses insurance

It is always useful to check your household or other insurance policies as you could have legal expenses cover. This means your insurance company might pay the legal fees involved in taking your case to a court or tribunal.

Fixed fees

In some cases we may also be prepared to deal with your case by way of a fixed fee.


Any Questions?

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